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What we can do for you
Every job on time
Commission planning and control
Verify each production phase to be excellent at meeting deadlines
Executive design arrangement
Both total executive design arrangement and in cooperation with customer technical departments
Building light and heavy metal carpentry
Cutting-edge technology and manufacturing capacity excellence
Commissioning and start-up
We install and test our facilities to give our customers full service and turnkey
Logistics and coordination construction site
We carefully plan our facilities transport and assembly to meet deadlines
Turnkey supply
We offer a high quality turnkey service and we realize single sections in bigger facilities
Specialized manufacturing on behalf of third parts
We are determined to satisfy each of our customers request, offering competence, technical support and both modern and professional solutions
Maintenance and facilities extension
Technical solutions for existing facilities and all of our technology to defy time and weather conditions
Some of our clients
Light and heavy metal carpentry
Processing techniques in series and custom-made, managed from the design to the installation, on behalf of third parts as well

Metal Engineering srl is a company with wide areas and high manufacturing capacity. We constantly make our machines stronger and accurate together with the experience and our staff knoledge.

Only one thing has never changed: the continuos and determined willpower to satisfy in the best way our customer request, aware that it expects precise realization, timely delivery, reliable products, accurate assembly. Our manufactures bear witness to our capabilities.

Can be precision contoured carpentry using plasma laser or big facilities like those fabricated for Rome tennis stadium facility, or Valmontone outlet facility or the amusement park Rainbow MagicLand facility.

Tell us your needs and projects, you will always find listening, competence and technical support, collaboration, modern and professional solutions.

The latest realized project